domingo, 13 de enero de 2013

Good morning run

This morning early I supposed to do a 5k tempo run,d uring a 10 mile time trial that was orginized for the miami half and full marathon. I decided to sleep a bit more since I have not slept much in the last few days due to the early morning runs, I have loved that though! I let my brother go alone, I was surprised when He came back, He did the 16 kms in 70:51, a PR of 6 mins for him, shame that this was not an official race( no numbers, no registration, just a big clock at the finish), when He told me that I was very happy for him, anyway his training reflect even a faster time, my brother Dan G. trains very hard, but glad the work is paying off, I was definetely motivated to go out running and at 9:00 a.m( I was running at that time anyway but the good run of my bro just motivated me even more). I headed out to the conservatory and did 8 laps there easy but faster at the end, the first few laps were in the 5:36-5:49 per km pace, then met a guy who was running and I started running with him for 2 and something lap, then I understood that He did not have intention of running with him, since He was doing his own run and listening to music and I had slowed down a bit to run with him, then I just dropped him and built a big gap till did not see him again, after that was runnning laps in 5:20s feeling pretty good but tired since I had a lot of time without doing a double digit run. Finished the 10.5k in 58:23. It just felt good to feel in shape again an to be able to run 6 times this week. The weather was awsome too!

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