lunes, 27 de mayo de 2013

Awesome after work run

The consistency continue... Today I ran after work since in the morning I slept in. As soon as I got home from work at 6:45 pm. I went out to the conservatory and started pretty easy, I was feeling pretty fresh but not that strong, that changed when I got in the conservatory, I started feeling better and better and I felt effortless and each lap was faster than the last, I felt awesome and added one lap to my planned 5 laps, did 6 laps in 5:54,5.48,5:39,5:45,5:35 and dont know the last one, but I was feeling effortless out there and the legs felt fresh all the way, finished the 8.5k in 48:48. Love days like this when you run faster and faster and the effort is easier each mile!

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