jueves, 16 de mayo de 2013

¨Easy¨ run after work

Today opted to do a run after work, the girlfriend was going to be at college, so I have the time to run. I went out easy with my repaired ironman watch, and took splits. In the conservatory met Jose who ride with me while I ran, got there in 7:31, did 4 laps in 6:03,5:43,5:49,5:47, and came home in 6:19. I sped up in the last 400s for fun. Did 6.5k in 37:43, was feeling pretty lazy before the run, but I felt great when I finished. Good run and felt good, but at times I lack strengt in the hills, I think that is due to the inconsistency of the past few weeks! Day 13 with no coke or soda!

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