sábado, 3 de agosto de 2013

Back again

On Thursday I rested, but decided that enough was enough and yesterday I ran after work at 7:00 p.m. with my brother, felt dead and flat, did 5 laps in the conservatory, so 7.5k total in 46:26. This morning at 6:20 a.m. I headed out to the conservatory and did 6 laps there, felt much better than yesterday night, but not completely good, laps were in over 6 mins for the first 3, then did the last 3 in 5:56,5:52,5:43, felt more tired than I would have liked, did 8.5k in 50:41, felt better than yesterday, need to get back into the swings of things. I have decided to quit dailymile and just log my runs here, that is much time consuming and too much distraction, it would be better to take advantage of another things instead of lasting too much time on that social media,plus I need to stop comparing with other runners and do my own training. Have a great rest of Saturday!

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