martes, 11 de noviembre de 2014

Catching up

Saturday I went out running in the evening, poured pretty hard and I got soaked to the bone, for me that was a refreshing feeling, had the opportunity to run with another guy for 10-15 mins, He had a great pace and is training for a half marathon that is held on November 23 th, I encourage him, I had to work a bit to keep his pace, his name is Frank and I would like to run with him again and race with him. I did 48:42 total , finishing there in the conservatory. I just ran corner to corner for more than 3 laps. Then I went out with my brother and my friend Hugo to eat a burguer and then to drink a few beers at Hooters, very nice place with a very good vibe there, I really like it, I over eat that day ha, after eating the burgers at Wendys, We had the beers there, but I also orderer a couple of serving of ckicken strips., a very good note to end the day.

Sunday I went out early with my father to the conservatory, my legs were fried from the get go and I only got to run 38:46, sprinting in the last 100-200s. Capped off another week with 5 days of running, Consistency is coming back.

Monday was a public holiday here so that meant an early morning run with my father, We headed out to the mirador and I was going to do 10k, but then cut it short due to feeling tight and tired from the get go once again, 8k in 46:30, with last 3k in 16:09, again sprinting the last 200s. A lot of work to do!!

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