jueves, 6 de noviembre de 2014

Raining evening watchless run

Yesterday I hated myself all day because I stayed in bed and did not run.

This evening after work I was committed to run no matter what, I cant run less than 5 times per week if I want to have an acceptable performance on December, the most important thing for me is to keep the consistency going beyond that time frime and tackle to improve my times next year.  Just before 6 a.m. I went out to the conservatory to do my 3 laps corner to corner, as I have said this route is only when areas of the conservatory are closed due to preparing the park for christmas activities, I got out there watchless at a good clip and when I was there, started raining steady and the conservatory got empty, is amazing how poeple are afraid of rain, mainly women, maybe its the hair or somthing, but We were only around 5 people running and / walking , other poeple were gone or covered below a roof. anyway I felt good overall, but had stomach problems. Its incredible how running cleans ones mind, I am new and ready to keep rolling, but I ll save that for tomorrow morning that I ll run again, around 45 mins total, no watch.

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