viernes, 6 de febrero de 2015

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Last Saturday I supposed to run in a 5k race, but when I went to register Friday night, I got told that it was sold out, I read the race poster 1000 times so that I made sure that it did not read any limited people in the race, but when I got there to register myself it was sold out, oh well!! I dont do races as a bandit  and was a bit pissed off because of that, Rested Saturday, Sunday and Monday because of low motivation. Last week I only ran 3 times per week.

On Tuesday I was back to it and did 45 mins in the conservatory(6 laps finishing there) with the last lap in 4:43, had had 3 days coke free so I felt lean and fit and could muster that a sub 5 las lap, I dont remember the last time that I ran that fast in training.

Wednesday was and off day because like on Monday I had the Finances course that I finish on Monday by the way.

Thursday was a repetiton from Tuesday, felt great but took it easy, being 5:35 the fastest lap, and was the last one, after the 45 mins, did around 4 x 100s fast.

Today I got the conservatory in 7:35 feeling good, then met Jose and We ran for 6 laps in 6:00,5:47,5:35,5:27,5:24,4:51, the last lap was the lap that I finally could break Jose and beated him, anyway I told that withing 2 months He will left me in the dust. completed the 45 mins and I did around 8 kms today. Felt good and I have been feeling pretty good without drinking cocacola, I want to decrease the consumption to once per week, will improve my diet as well. I dont know its in my mind, but I feel fitter and leaner without that stuff feeling my stomach with gases, during runs I feel really good and the splits and breathing show that. My friend Jose realized that when I surged that way. A lot of wotk to do , but I feel that I am getting there and I am heading the right direction.

Have a great night everyone!!

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