sábado, 7 de febrero de 2015

Good evening run

Today I headed out to the conservatory at 5:50 p.m. or so, got there in 7:32 feeling pretty easy, then did 5 laps there, 3 of them were with Brito,  a 42 min 10k runner, He was just running easy because He is racing another 10k tomorrow, so the pace was easy (6:04 per lap) and the conversation was good. The weather was great also, just rained before the run, not too much, just poured a bit. I felt really good. I have a week today soda free and I have felt really good during runs, as I said in my previous post I ll still drink it but once per week or so, need to burn a lot of fat and need to eat and drink healthier. Did 7.5k in 44:51, but completed the 45 mins. Last 2 laps were in 5:55 and 5:56 respectively. Great run and feeling lighter without all that soda in my stomach.

I am feeling pretty good lately, I hope that it transaltes to a leaner and faster me in April- May, I want to run sub 50 mins in Gatorade 10k held in that time thereabout.

Have a great Saturday and dont drink too much:)

Pst. In regards to the shin splint that I have experiencing I MUST say that it has gone completely so far, my legs feel fresh! and pain free thats great news, I ll have to keep and eye on it when I ramp up the frecuency and the miles again.

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