martes, 27 de diciembre de 2016

Catching up

I was supposed to run on Sunday, but I left for the evening and you might imagine what happened, I was invited to a lunch in Adelino`s house, but I just could not scape and We stayed there and then went out drinking and dancing, there were around 9 people in his house. DNR.

On Monday I left work at 7 p.m., but I was determined to zap the zero and on my way to home that is 30 mins walking to home, I thought about pushing the pace a bit maybe 2-3 laps at 5 mins per lap or under given that I was recovered and did not need another easy day, so some quality laps were in order.

I got home, got dressed and at 7:35 p.m. or so I went out and met with Adelino, We got there in 7:59, and then did my first lap in 6:29, then I took off, Adelino kept talking because that pace is a piece of cake for him, but for me is not that easy so I let him carry most of the conversation. The plan was to do 3 laps at 5 min per lap or less, The 3 quality laps came in 5:11,4:59,4:50, for a total of 15:00 for 3k (laps), I really did not like that 5:11, felt much faster and the effort reflected a faster lap, no biggie because I could find my pace in the other 2 laps, then did 1 lap easy in 6:22, then did 5 strides and the 6th lap came in 5:32 because of the strides. Did 43:00 or so for 7.5k.

Adelino with 500m to go on my last fast lap, He took off and did 2 more laps sub 4 mins, what a beast, He built a gap on me like I was walking and He was running. Basically I encouraged him to push the pace as He always runs with me and running with me given gis ability is not much a training benefit for him.

The weather was good, but to be honest not a lot of people in the park, which make it more difficult to find motivation to go out. That happens to me today, I was going to run, but when I crossed the store where they sell fried chicken, I just stop brought fried chicken, and when I got home I was going to run, but the chicken beated the run, so another DNR.

However, I promise to run in the morning tomorrow to avoid this type of situations, I am just leaving work later than planned and sometimes its difficult to motivate yourself after a long day at work, pluys I want to accomplish my running goals also, and jogging around to destresss after work its going to do much for my racing times.

Have a great Tuesday!

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