viernes, 23 de diciembre de 2016

Easy progressive run with Adelino

Today I left work early just after mid day, so I ran much earlier than most times. I headed out to run at 5:35 p.m. with my friend Adelino and We met when I had 500m within the run. We got to the conservatory in 7:22. The conversation was flowing, but with each passing lap I increased the pace a bit more, until in the last lap I could not talk too much , especially in the second half of last lap. I finished the run somewhat hard and We finished there. We completed 7.5km in 42:59.

Splits were 6:11,6:06,5:48,5:43,5:29,4:58,1:04, the last minute of course to complete the last 200m of the run and get ot the 7.5k mark. I felt real good, but at the beginning I was feeling some stomach problems, but nothing too serious.

I did not run on Wednesday or Thursday, life (especially work) got in the way on both days. The weather was good today also.

Ill get my run in tomorrow morning as in the evening I think it wont be possible.

Have a great Friday!

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