sábado, 31 de diciembre de 2016

Last run of the year

Yesterday I took the day off, it was planned.

Today morning I went out later than planned, I headed out at 8:20 a.m., wanted to go out earlier but it was raining at 6:45 a.m. that was the time that I woke up. I downed 3 beers yesterday night and I thought that it would cause me problems during the run, but they did not. I actually felt good, although a bit tired.

I only looked at the watch when I got to the conservatory in 7:32 and on the first lap in 6:10, then I decided that I would not race the watch, so I stopped looking and ran at a pace that felt easy, then felt good and let the body follow, of course in the easy effort range. 5 laps in the conservatory and finished the 7.5k in 45:04.

In the last few runs, the difference has been a few seconds, so I might become a pacing machine, lol. when I was at home I checked the remaining splits and they were 6:09,6:04,6:02,5:52 and back home in 6:40. Finished feeling pretty good.

This year as I have stated, it was pretty much off from racing, I only raced once and it was basically to run with my father, but next year I ll be back to the racing scene, since I want to get back to 21-22 mins 5k. Right now I think I am in shape to run 23:55 - 24:15, but I dont know for certain.

Another goal that I had was to lose weight and I did it, I just stopped weighing myself and promised myself to weigh again on January 1st of 2017, probably it will take longer than that, because my scale is not working, but I might find one to weigh myself in  a mall or super market.

Its incredible, how I just stopped stressing about weight and the weight came off, of course it was not that magical, I just decided to eat at night healthier, decreased the fried chicken food, especially in the first half of the year,  and running consistently (4-5 times per week), but the soda is still there and I indulge on weekends without guilt, as long as my running is not suffering I know that I am not getting too fat.

However, I have noted that in the last couple of months I have gained weight, because they re opened the food shop that sell fried chicken and fries and lately (we are on December so We gotta fuel ourselves,lol), my stops there are more frecuent, but I have decided to eat better at night once again, and be a bit more serious in the running.

As of how much weight I have lost, I will tell you when I weigh myself probably next week, the last time I recorded my weigh was 196.6 one year ago exactly.

This year I also found a job, so heading the right direction, slowly, but surely. I hope that 2017 is even better. Today I ll celebrate with beers, but not much because the running has to continue tomorrow!

Have a great new years eve folks!

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