domingo, 2 de julio de 2017

Sunday blah run

Today I woke up before 6 a.m., but did not head out to my run until 7:25 a.m. waiting for my father, I am not sleeping a lot these days, dont know the exact reason.

I headed out with my father to the conservatory to do 5.5k, I did not feel the mood to go longer and He said that He was only doing 3 laps there (5.5k), I need to get back to 7.5k as soon as possible.

My father and I got to the park in 7:33, He was a couple of steps back, but I was not feeling very good, and He passed me and started to build a gap, I did not have nothing to respond with so I let him go, and if I felt good later I might try to catch him, He was on his way to 32:xx 5.5k. After the second lap I saw him stop and started limping, I was surprised since I never had watched my father limp like that without being injured, He said that He suffered a calf cramped that forced him to stop. I told him, that I would run 2 more laps and then We together would get home walking. Thats how things played out. My splits were 6:30,6:14,6:18,6:10, then ran 1:15 more to complete what I suspect was 5.5k in 34:16.

The running is weird, since yesterday I had drank the night before and only slept 4 hours, and today I barely drank a beer yesterday, slept decent and felt like crap for the whole run, tight calves, felt heavy. You just have to embrace good days as the come by! I got the run in at least and ran 5 times this week although all short runs.

Have a great Sunday!

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