sábado, 22 de julio de 2017

Morning run

Thursday I decided to take the day off, so that I could run Friday, Saturday and Sunday and complete my 5 runs this week.

Yesterday I had the best intentions of running after work, I promise, but it started raining pretty hard so it was not worth it, so a forced day off.

This morning I headed out to the conservatory at 7:40 a.m., later than planned, but I woke up at 6:05 a.m., it seems that I cant no longer sleep past 7 a.m. these days.  I went out to the conservatory feeling good, but that good feeling did not last much, when I got to the conservatory I realize that I had not recovered from my Sunday`s progression tempo, that shows that I am in big very bad shape.

I did 4 laps in the conservatory and get back home, finished 6.5k in 40:15, I took splits, but no point in posting splits on easy runs, I did not look at the watch during the run, just ran whatever felt confortable.

Have a great Saturday!

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