miércoles, 13 de septiembre de 2017

Progressive tempo run

Monday was my planned rest day.

Tuesday I woke up very early to run at 6:00 a.m., Ran to the park, did 5 laps and then back home for 7.5k in 48:51. I thought that I was running faster than that. In the last lap incorporated 4 x 20 secs strides or so, felt good on these. The heat was awful, it was early in the morning, but I got home soaking wet. Took more than 30 mins to get dry so that I could shower. The heat is very nasty these days.

Today I ran after work at 7:00 p.m., I wanted to do something faster than easy pace, a fast workout or a progressive tempo run, I opted for the latter. I went out to the conservatory easy to warm up in 8:25. Then wanted to do 5 laps in less than 6 mins per lap, I was not sure how that would feel because these days I am running slower than 6:30 per km at my easy pace, but I was ready for something faster today, too much easy running wont get you so far.

1st lap came in 5:57, it felt much faster than that, second lap came in 5:47, so my body was finding the rythm , 3rd lap I was getting tired came in 5:38, then tried to keep the effort going till the end, 4th lap came in 5:34, then Jose joined me for my last lap, thanks to him, I was able to not abbort the workout, I was feeling very bad, I even fainted, but tried to keep my composure and when We got to the flats of the last lap I sped up a bit and took advantage of the last downhill to finish the 5th lap in 5:14, Had to stop for a couple of mins, I was spent and was hurting bad in the last lap, but at least I accomplish the purpose of the workout.

All 5th lap in much less than 6 mins, 1 mins faster than my current easy pace so it was almost a tempo run. Then talked a bit with Jose before going home for my 1.2k cool down. Finished the 7.5k in 45:07.

Good workout, but the heat is very very bad, as I type this I am sweating. I hope that this shit goes away quickly!!

Have a great night!

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