lunes, 6 de junio de 2016

5k del medio ambiente (5k for the enviroment)

Yesterday at 8: a.m. I ran a 5k race. The plan was to run the race with my father as I told in my previous posts, and We certainly ran part of the race together, but not as I would have planned it.

To make the story short, my father went out like a bat with the elites, I yelled him that He was going tooo fast, but He did not obey, He payed the price later on, I raced without a watch, never convince myself to wear one during racing and I am glad I did.

A lot of people  were calling out splits or asking times not even at the 1k mark, I said to myself wtf, these guys are obsessed with times, I think the first km for me was sub 4:50. We need to lear to run by effort and not rely so much on that noisy garmin.

I caight my father after the 2k, ran with him for a while and an old guy that beated in his previous race was ahead of us, and I sped up to motivate him so that We could both pass him, but He did not respond, I started to pull away little by little with 1.5k to go or so, with around 500s to go I started to speed up and passed the old guy and a woman that wanted to outkick me in the last quarter, I finished in sprint with a guy, and I defeated him by the way.

When I was a approaching the line I saw the finishing clock ticking the 25:50s once again, but this time I felt much better than in December, and I am sure that with the right mindset and attacking much harder in the middle of the race, heck I even could talk confortably, of course I was not running easy by any means.

Offical time was 25:50 and I think I can run sub 24:50 all out, which is a shame because in the back of my mind I thought that I was in sub 24 mins shape, but I need to do a couple of more workouts for that. On July 2nd I plan to run all out and be better prepared, because this time my strategy was to run with my father, but things did not go exactly to plan.

Another thing that I wanted to mention is that  felt much better in the second half of the race than in the first one, I dont know if the reason for that is that the second half was much slower than the first, I think the first half of the race was at sub 5 mins/per km pace, but I dont know.

Felt good generally, my father finished in 26:35, He basically jogged the last km. He payed the price for the very fast start.

Today I wanted to run easy, but I got off from work at 8:20 p.m. so I took the day off. I hope that tomorrow I can run, becasue I really want to run sub 25 mins On July 2nd, those 25 mins are getting old, I have run it 4 times in a row and I am getting sick of it.

Given yesterday`s effort I think sub 25 mins in my next race is very doable.

I ll uploads the photos when they are up, I was running side by side with my father when a photo was shooted!!

Have a great Monday!

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