jueves, 30 de junio de 2016

Easy running + fast finish

Yesterday I took the day off, I think I needed it, because on Tuesday I felt tired and the calves were a bit sore.

Today  I was back at it, and afer work and doing the grocery around 7:15 p.m. I was out to the conservatory, got there in 8:04, then a fellow exerciser/runner named Israel did 2 laps with me, so that helped me mentally, his pace was faster than my normal easy pace, but I felt easy and good nonetheless. After that I was alone running slower and slower because since He stopped I slowed down to my normal pace, that was not on purpose though. But in the last lap I sped up once again, another runner racing me. I did not race at all, I just wanted to finish fast in the last 400s because I felt good and honestly because I wanted to show him a lesson, because He passed me, and I passed him back, then He passed me again, but bad luck for him, as soon as He passed me, I would start my fast finish.

Felt very good in the fast part, but when I finish I felt the breathing labored, but its nice to change the pace even for less than 2 mins, I think that it wont harm my aerobic conditioning and my ability to do a tempo run on Saturday.

Splits per lap were 6:12,5:53,6:09,6:14,6:12,5:30. As you can see a 300-400s rep, can really bring the pace down. Finished the 7.5k in 45:56 or so.

Nothing to recover from so on Saturday I will run a tempo run 3-5 laps by effort. If I do run tomorrow it will be an easy run.

Have a great Thursday!

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