sábado, 25 de junio de 2016

Morning mini tempo

Friday I took the day off. I ll have to start running 6 times per week once again.

Today in the morning, I headed out to the conservatory at 7:15 p.m. or so, by myself, my father was running another route, so I just started easy, and had planned since Thursday to do 3k at tempo effort to see where I am at after the race and after the days off after the race. So basically no workouts in close to a month.

I did not look at the watch at all, so I am learning the pacing skills just a bit, I started easy to the conservatory and ran 1 lap easy, then ran 3 laps at tempo effort, the second one did not feel that confortable, but I felt better in the last one and in the first one. 1 more easy lap before leaving the conservatory running home easy for 1.2k more.

So total distance for today was 7.5k in 44:31. After getting home I checked splits and it looked like 7:53 to get to the conservatory, then 6:41 for the 1st lap easy, then 3k (laps) at tempo effort in 5:19,5:21,5:06. and 6:29 for the last lap easy. Of course I could have sped up a lot more in the final stretch of the tempo segment, but that is not the purpose of tempos and I just wanted to see if I had enough strenght to do the usual 5k at the same effort/pace. The answer is yes, but I think I have lost a bit of fitness, I could have completed the 5k, but the last lap would have been a struggle.

I dont know for sure, because I would administrate my energy better. I am happy with this workout and it gives me momentum and energy for the day.

I ll go to work today to make up for some things, I hope it does not take a lot of time. That is not an order, but for the sake of me, I have to get ahead with that so that next week I dont have problems and the accumulation of work does not hit.

I am very happy to have run once again, and I feel fantastic right now, maybe I ll have to try this morning thing before work more often, since I started working on January, I have not run before work even once, becuase I fear that I ll get a headache because the lack of food( I dont eat breakfast and after running I get very hungry), may the solution to that is actually eating breakfast, but I have done that before and no results. Having said that, its not always that I get headaches after running, in fact, is not that often, but it would be very bad to have a headache with 8+ hours of work ahead.

However, I ll have to start to incorporate those, because lately I am getting a lot of responsabilities and sometimes I feel pressured because I want to leave early to run, but some work need to get done. If I run in the morning, that worryness would dissapear and I would focus solely on my work for the rest of the day.

Enough rambling talk!

Have a great Saturday!

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