sábado, 13 de noviembre de 2010

This recovery will take longer than i thought!!

Today i had not the motivation to run, but at 3:40 p.m. i just decided to get my ass up and put the clothes on and went running, today i had planned of doing the same as yesterday, 6.5k( to the conservatory ,4 laps and back again). Things this time did not workout that way, when i started my run , within 3 mins my breathing was very fast and i felt my chest very heavy i just felt the blood in my breathing such as i would have done a MILE time trial, no way i was going to force my body to a mediocre run, when i got to the conservatory i did 1 lap and then came back to home in 21:51, then told Danilo that bring a thing for me so that i could go to the bank and come back, so that i could 2 more kms because at that point i was feeling better but not great, i felt good in the legs, the only problem was the breathing because of the flu and all the caughing, so i have not recovered at all, waiting for Danilo i ran a few more mins, to finish the run in 25:22, he lasted to much to bring the thing that i was asking for and i called it a day at 25:22, i did around 4.1 km , who knows. I had a lot of time that i didnot run that little, at least i ran , that is better than nothing i guess, but i hope that this breathing problem slip away pretty soon. The legs felt great, like if they would have not run.

25:22 total.

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