jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2011

Trying to get the pace back

Today I went out to the conservatory alone, around 9.50 a.m., did 3 laps there, then did 2 more laps with a goal of sub 9 mins, wanted to see how I felt running that pace, the 4th lap came in 4.30 and the 5th in 4.19 so for the 2 laps did 8.49 , but still feel the breathing so labored, then did another lap easy and came back to my house to complete the 8.5k in 45.10, not a bad run, but wanted to feel better in the fast portion. In the last 2.3k did 11.56. The weather was decent with too much wind at times.

8.5k total, 45.10.

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