jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2011

Getting consistent again

Sunday I did 7.5k to the conservatory with Danilo at 9 a.m., 5 laps in the conservatory, with a stride of around 200m every other lap, then Danilo took off and he did a lap in 3.43 and never saw him again till the very end, I did 40.19 for 7.5k.

Kilometraje semanal was around 35.5 kms, getting better.

Runs this week was 5 runs.

Monday ran at 8 a.m. did 7.5k watchless, 5 laps to the conservatory, felt good.

Tuesday' at 9 a.m. went out to do 7.5k to the conservatory , I thought that I was running 42 mins, but when I stopped the watch it read 40.16, good time, I did 5 strides , one stride per lap, maybe that helped.

Wedenesday , at 9.40a.m. did the same route watchless, relaxed, but the sun was hot and the legs were a bit rusty from the days straight of running, However, I am getting consistent again,and I love it. 7.5k

Today I decided to rest. but Tomorrow I have an explanation in college and the morning run will serve me well to relax myself, I need to learn to run when the pressures in life are very hard.

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