sábado, 27 de octubre de 2012

Back on the wagon

After 2 days off, related to sickness, that cold turned into flu and for experience, I dont do well when I run in these conditions. This morning I was up before 6 a.m., but waited till 6:45 a.m. to go out with my bro,thought that I was going to feel normal, but I did not. Felt good for the first 2-3k, but when I tried to increase the pace when Danilo was doing his tempo run, the legs did not have anything, I was running out of gas and looked like a novice, no biggies, I know that is because the flu. Ran around 8.8k to the mirador in a time of 51:09, the last few kms were pretty slow, did not have nothing in the tank. I am glad to be back. Everytime that I want to get back to me 6 runs per week routine, something come up. A t least lately is not lazyness related. I am getting used to waking up early. Have a great Saturday!

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