sábado, 13 de octubre de 2012

Great predawn run

Yesterday I even got dresses to go run in the predawn, but the stomach was feeling very happy and I have had bad experiences due to GI problems,so I aborted the run and went back to bed, day off. This morning I was up at 5:15 a.m. so went out with my father and brother to the mirador, my brother was only 20 mins as I think he is doing a 5k this afternoon. My father and I ran together for 2 kms, he has been injured so pretty out of shape, so I built a gap on him and never looked back, the first 3k were ridiculous slow 19:02. the next one came in 5:46 ( half in 24:48), next in 5:41, it seems that I warmed up by that point, the last 3k were in 15:50, in the last km I included 4 x 20 secs strides/with 60 mins jog rest. Felt great in the second half , negative split by like 3:15. to finish in 46:19, the 8k. Felt great and fresh, but that is because I am not doing a lot of kms, I would like to feel like that doing a fair amount of kms/miles. Today I start my vacations from work, so 24 days work free, but need to get my college monographic done,Have a great day!!

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