miércoles, 4 de enero de 2017

Catching up(Best tempo run in the last couple of years)

On Monday I went out running at 7:30 p.m. or so, and just before going out I planned to do 3 laps again in 15 mins or less (tempo effort or so), but then as I was warming up, I visualized doing 4 laps in 20 mins or less, so I warmed up very easy, and ran 1 lap easy in the conservatory(total warm up time was 14:28). Then my tempo started , first lap came in 4:53, feeling relaxed but felt like work, second lap came in 4:57 (9:51 for 2k), then tried to relax to do a 3rd lap, I thought that when I hit the 3 laps I would stop, but relaxed the best that I could without decreasing speed, 3rd lap came in 4:56, and I could maintain pace although I was very tired, I decided to give one more lap, I had plenty seconds to spare to run sub 20 mins or close to it, so I went with it, I was very tired and tried to hang on the best that I could , 4th lap came in 4:49 for a total time for 4k (laps) in 19:39. That is my PR in several years, that gives me confidence that I can slowly get back to my shape years prior.

I had to stop 2-3 mins after finishing that tempo, before starting the cool down to home. I ran from the conservatory to home in 7:28 to complete what I think was 41:56 for 7.5k

Felt very happy and confident that everything is possible.

Tuesday I took the day off, I had to run some errands and help my brother who is in Spain to get him some documents.

Today I went out running at 7:35 p.m. or so to the conservatory, the plan was to run easy today, I just did not even take splits, just start the watch and paused the watch when I got home. I ran easy today to recover, got to the conservatory, then did 5 laps there and back home. Did 46:16 for 7.5k. To be honest the pace felt slower than that, but with 2.5 kms to go the wheels came off, and I started to feel tired, but was determined to complete the run. The run felt easy, but I was tired. All in all, happy to have gotten my run in.

Have a great Hump day!

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