domingo, 29 de enero de 2017

Sometimes you have it, sometimes you dont

I rested on Wedesday and Thursay as work was hectic. And one of those days I just very hungry before running.

I was back at it on Friday and on my walk to home from work I felt good and the ciatic nerve was much better as I could walk straight once again. When I went out running I did not feel that great, I felt tight and heavy and only felt good when I loosened it up after the 3rd lap out of 5 lap, did 7.5k total on Friday. 7.5k watchless.

On Saturday morning at 7:30 a.m. I went out with my father to the conservatory and I ran easy with him, 5 laps running easy and good conversation, around 10-20m to go ( finishing the run), I felt with no energy suddenly, but luckily the run was over. Dont know the time as I was not wearing a watch, focused on feel and breathing.

For today I had planned, a 5k tempo run in the mirador and I would total 11k which would be also my long run. I headed out with my father to the mirador at 7:25 a.m. and I felt really tight, heck the last workout was on Monday and I feel like s·$%t yet, what is wrong?

I felt with a very sore left hamstring and sometimes th bead mechanics led to a pain in my left hip, couple that with very tight leg muscles. Anyway, I thought that as soon as I warm up all would be fine, but honestly it was not the case.

We got to the mirador in 19:40, then stopped for 20-30 seconds to get mentally prepared, and the workout was on, the only time that I felt good was in the first 200m in 56 secons, The plan for the run was 25 mins or less, but I was toying with the idea of sub 25 mins ( my first one on years).

The first km came in 4:59, and I was huffing and puffing and the pace getting slower, the mile came in 8:04, then the 2k came in 10:05 (5:06 that km), right there I decided to get to the 2.5k mark and call it a day, my legs were not cooperating, the feeling either, and the time was getting worse and worse, it seems that I have my hamstring pulled, because no matter how easy I run, the soreness there is still there, and it seems that I am in worse shape than I thought, it seeems that I just gave it all on Monday, since I finished very tired and today i am not recovered from that. Maybe it was all the crap that I am eating lately, and as  a result getting fatter. I am getting fatter that is for sure, since as I have not weighed myself, I can see it clearly in my belly, legs, neck, face, etc.

Luckily, I know how to reverse that, and I ll start eating healthier again. The good thing of today`s run was that I quit the workout, but as I was 5.5k out of home, I had to run easy to home, and ran 11k, which my longest run in a while (in a year maybe)?I dont plan to do another workout  right away, since I dont want to run mediocre once again, it was a smart decision, but its not fun to feel like shit when are supposed to feel recovery and ready to tackle your workouts.

Tomorrow is a public holiday here, and I will dictch the watch and do another 11k. If I cant get my workout, at least I will get some endurance. Time for 2.5k tempo that I did was 12:37, and last 8k for me were 46:55.

Have a great Sunday folks!

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