sábado, 14 de enero de 2017

Catching up

I did not run on Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday was a planned off day, but on Thursday I felt very hungry and not very motivated, so I did not run, but no biggies, if I ran from Friday  - Sunday I would complete my 5 days of running and I am on my way to that.

Friday Evening I almost skip the run because I felt hungry and lazy, but my self discipline made me leave the house at 7:35 p.m.  I had to cut the run short because within 3 laps in the conservatory I felt a strong side stitch in the right side, I tried to shake it off, but was not successful. After the 3rd lap, I headed home. Finished 5.5k in 33:14 (7:40 to get to the park, and 3 laps in 6:07,5:55,5:59 and back home in 7:00).

This morning I headed out with my father, when We were about to start the run heading the conservatory, I told him, lets go to the mirador, He turned around and We started the run heading another route, a route that We did at the beginning of last year, but it was regular years before. Its a flat terrain pretty much the whole way, and when you run these flat routes, you realize that running in the conservatory is not that easy and times there dont mean anything, because of the 2 hills per lap and the turns that it contains.

I looked at the watch when We hit 3k in 18:14 and We barely were moving the feet, 4k in 23:56 (halfway and 5:42 that km), then I decided to look at the watch at the end of the run. We pretty much kept at that pace, but in the last 2 km my father started throwing surges, nothing out of the ordinary, and I felt easy. I finished the 8k in 45:58 and He finished in 46:07.

To do those times in the conservatory you have to focus and have to go out at that pace from the get go. I was surprised because the last half (4k) I did it in 22:01,so 5:30 per km. and it did not feel anyclose to it. My father said He felt pretty good also. I had forgotten how easy and flat the mirador was.

The weather was pretty good also, I barely broke a sweat. kudos to my father that ran much faster than We run in the park at the same effort level. Tomorrow We have planned to do 10k to the mirador also, basically the same route as today, but adding 2 more kms. I want to push it a little bit more, We will see, I have not run 10k in ages.

Have a great Saturday!

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