viernes, 23 de octubre de 2009

catching up

Ayer(jueves) no pude publicar , pense en no correr porque lo fui postergando y postergando , pero al final me motive y no me arrepiento de haberlo hecho . A las 4:40 p.m., squeeze a 30-35 mins run before going to classes, ran without the watch but i felt great and the pace was fast ( fui hacia el conservatorio, di 4 vueltas y vine para mi casa) especially as the run went by. felt pretty pretty good and the weather was good. For that run i had planned a workout but really lost the motivation as the day passed by, i gotta work on it.

Today , at 11:45a.m., sali a hacer mi run , llegue al conservatorio en 7:06 , then did 6 laps but didnot take the splits but every lap was faster than the last i think, in the sixth lap i stopped the watch in 39:29( casi igual que hace dos dias) i did my 4 strides , in these i felt fast and smooth, then complete the 6th lap and came home in 47:26, but completed the 48 mins. Este run fue casi identico al run de el miercoles, but este fue mas rapido y parecio mas lento.La temperatura estaba bastante caliente. Good run.

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