domingo, 18 de octubre de 2009

horrible race report

Bueno, ayer corri en la carrera de 10k que habia mencionado, no voy a escribir mucho porque me fue horrible, hice 49:36, ran without the watch.The first half in 22:43 or so and the last one at an easy pace, i thought that was 21 highs, but they had a clock at half way, that broke up my race, with the frustration that i was way behind my father , and a lot of people was passing me , when i saw the clock i said the race is over , and turn around easy, felt hard in the first half, in the last half the pace was easy, but mentally i just wanted to finish. the weather was so so hot,pretty bad race. A lot of people passed me in the second half.Hope to forget this year soon.

Hoy no se si corra, pero tal vez haga algo.

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