domingo, 12 de agosto de 2012

Afternoon long run with my brother after taking classes all day

Could not run in the morning since I was watching the Olympic marathon and I had to take off to the monographic from 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.but I was going to do my long run of 14k no matter what, at 5:30 p.m. drove to the mirador to do my 14k there in a flat terrain, I was a bit tired from my workout yesterday but I was not sore, I did this run with my brother and I wanted to run easy, the first km went in 5:47 and felt like walking, the 5k in 28:11 , the 10k in 55:43, then bought some water I was getting thirsty, finished the 14k in 1:16:58(39:21 first half, 37:37 second half, so a big negative split. In the last 3.5k started to rain very hard till the end of the run, great way to end a run, was very fresh due to the rain at the end, last km was in 5:10 and last 200s in 55 seconds to get down 77 mins. Felt really good, the pace felt very confortable, its amazing how in the conservatory you run at the same effort and you are 30 seconds slower per km. Happy to have done the long run today, and finish a 63 kms week. This training is getting interesting!! I dont like to do my runs in the afternoon but did not find the time to fit in the morning and you gotta get it in no matter the time!! Have a great night! Runs this week:6 runs Kilometraje semanal: 63 kms.

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