lunes, 22 de abril de 2013

Back on the horse

Had not run for the past 5 days, not because of lazyness, I have been very motivated to train, but because the water supply problem .We last 1 week without water. This morning I woke up with full stomach and moved the run till the evening, after work, that worked well since my girlfriend is on a meeting every Monday at that time, so I basically have the time for myself, I took advantage of it and as soon as I got to my house, I went out to the conservatory with Jose without a watch. I wanted to do whatever laps I felt like doing, did 5 laps , was kinda tired, did 7.5k total sprinting hard in the last 100s, and surged a couple of times during the run to dodge the walkers. Felt happe to have run again and to have resume my training, hope the water does not go for that long!! 7.5k untimed.

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