viernes, 5 de abril de 2013

Tired afterwork run

This morning slept in because I knew that I could do it after work, but honestly its pretty diffcult, you are pretty tired and hungry after work, but since I was so focused and was looking forward to it all day, only if something came up I would miss the run. After work at 7:00 p.m I went out to the conservatory with my brother Danilo, and We did 6 laps there at an easy pace, I felt good in the first 20-25 mins, but then started to feel tired, and just before the 3k mark Danilo built a gap on me that would increase a bit for the rest of the run, so after He gapped I ran solo till the end. Did 8.5k in 49:51. Felt good but tired at the same time. But I have set a goal to myself and I need to do anything to meet them. Ran with the watch on time of day and the conservatory was full of music and people, that helps with the motivation too.

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