viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2015

Back on the wagon luckily

Yesterday I wanted to test the leg in the baseball field at night, but in the afternoon it rained so my chances were out, instead I waited till this morning.

This morning I headed out later than planned, at 7:55 a.m. and was very careful in the section that I sprained my ankle, and man, that sidewalk is a nightmare, I had not realized that because no harm was done, but after that accident, I realized that that sidewalk is very irregular, and I am suprised that I had not injured before.

Today I just wanted to test the leg so I left the watch at home, and I was feeling a bit unconfortable, in the first half of the run, thought that I was going to cut this short, but I kept at it and then got into a groove and was fine.

Ran very easy, then in the last lap, oh yes! I did 3 laps corner to corner so around 7.5k or more total, I sped up a bit.

Ankle behaved very well, and did not bother me at all to be honest, so tomorrow is going to be a normal pace run, maybe I push a bit in the latter stages, We will see!! Next week I resume workouts!

All in all, happy to have run again, I am very happy, thought that this thing was taking me longer to cure!!

7.5k watchless!

Have a great Friday!

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