domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2015

Mirador morning 10k

Yesterday I took the day off. I said, that I was going to take 1 of the weekend days off, so I took Saturday, I just woke up very tired and a bit sore from the tempo yesterday.

Today I woke up at 7:30 a.m.( We headed out at 8:05 a.m.)  to a very good weather, very cloudy and cool morning. I had planned to do 10k to the mirador with my father and thats what We did.

We started out slow, but my father was always ahead till past the 7k when I decided to push a little, but that " little" resulted in a much faster pace and my previous 2 5ks", so I am starting to question my actual fitness to be honest.

First 3k were in 17:49, 5k in 29:13 (my father in 28:49), I was just trying to keep it easy because I felt a bit sore, but I rested yesterday so a bit pushing in the end was fair!! 6k in 34:50, 7k in 40:24, then I decided to push to catch my father who was around 10 secs ahead, then He started push when I passed, but I knew that I would win since I felt very strong (I was not racing though), finished the 10k in 55:23, with the last 3k in 14:59, and last 5k in 26:10, so   feeling tired at the end, but very strong and good at the same time. My father finished in 56:29, which is very good for him, I dont remember the last time He ran that fast, He is basically jogging at 10 mins per mile pace everyday. I am sure that weather helped a ton, but hey anyway, that is much faster than my last race, I should be able to run sub 25:30 at least in the next one, and to be honest I would be dissapointed with that time, but you cant fake fitness.

It seems that those tempos and accelerations are paying off, eventhough I have only done those 4 times after my last race, maybe the weather decrease is paying off in times and the way that I feel during runs, because I have been feeling amazing during runs. Definately I dare to say that I am in sub 25 mins shape.

10k@55:23, its time to ramp up the  long runs a bit, I should be able to get out more of my training with the extra days off.

5 runs this week, feeling very strong and hoping to get very fit!!

Have a great Sunday everyone!Dont stuff yourself with muffins or pizza :), but you have my permission to indulge a bit!!

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