viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2015

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I did not run from Thursday to Monday due to a strong pain in my right ankle as I said earlier, I decided to give it some rest, it was a hard thing to do but the best decision, right now I am pain free and back to my normal running again,

I started again on Monday and felt really good, Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. I went to the conservatory and did 2 laps corner to corner and back home, was not wearing a watch, but I think it was about 35-36 mins.

Tuesday evening I went to the baseball stadium and did laps around the 400s track, sounds a bit crazy, but the track enters the stadium and pretty much the whole track is inside the baseball stadium. I was not wearing a watch either but my brother took me 40 mins there, felt really good.

On Wednesday I ran in the evening at 7:00 p.m. with Juan, We went to the conservatory , I had about 3-4 weeks without going to the conservatory in the evening, this time I dropped Juan within the 500s and I followed my own pace, this time around, I did 4 laps corner to corner but stopped there, it was around 8k total, I took the laps splits : 9:44,9:27,9:22,9:25. Ironically, the fastest lap was the lap that I felt under control, other laps I pushed the pace at times. I finished soaking wet, and was amazed by the humidity, I looked like I just got off a pool!!

I did not run Thursday, I took that as my day off, but Today I decided to rest as well, nothing special, just lazyness, I am not enjoying evening running as much as morning running, but when I was injured , it was impossible to run in the morning, since I woke up limping off bed!! 

I am pain free and feeling pretty good, next month is crucial and I ll try to run sub 25 mins in the Christmas 5k, I do have another 5k in a couple of weeks, but because I have not been pretty consistent in the last few weeks, I dont know what to expect!!

Hope all of you are good and running strong!

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