miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2015

Injured? Tempo run fail

Today I headed out later than usual, again with not so much motivation, but once I got dressed the motivation came back and the mindset changed.

However, when I started my run at 7:50 a.m. at a good pace and feeling pretty good, within 1:30 into the run, I twised my ankle pretty hard, that sounded craaaaaaaaaa, my face completely changed, it was a lot of pain, for around 15 seconds, then I started limping back home, then did a mini 1 sec jog and I could run, but I played it safe, and called it a day.

I dont know if I did the best decision, but I hope that this does not turn into several days off!! Damn, when I am about to start workouts in full force, something comes up!!

Today I wanted to do the 7.5k route that I am doing lately, but 2-3 min faster, so basically a tempo run, but now I have to be content with running 1 min ,30 secs.

I hope that I can get back at it tomorrow, but who knows!

Have a great Wednesday!

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