miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2015

Evening aerobic threshold run

Yesterday I took the day off, because when I woke up the right ankle was hurting and I got up from bed limping, not good news, since in the past 3 days I was running normally and thought that the ankle thing was an afterthought. Apparently, it is not.

This morning again I woke up limping and everytime that I get up off a chair is the same thing, is not a big thing when I warm up, but the pain is there. I wanted to do some 1 min repeats, but I am an old runner and I know that I cant push the pain like that, eventhough it gets a lot better when it warms up.

Anyway, I wanted to run today but ran in the evening at 6:10 p.m. I crossed the street and got to the baseball stadium of UASD university, (as I said in a previous post, They have a 400m trail track) and was going to run 20-30 mins depending of my foot, but as soon as I started running the pain went away and after the first km, decided to do 5k, but after 4k, decided to do 8k. On top of that, it was like a progression run, starting slow the first km, but pushing the pace a lot ( according to my fitness of course)  later on.

I did 8k(20 laps to the track) in 45:22, splits per km were 6:07,5:59,5:50,5:48,5:35,5:28,5:24,5:09. As you can see, in the last 3-4k I pushed the pace a lot compared to my last 5k, that was the reason that I tittled the post " aerobic threshold run" or maybe it was an anaerobic threshold run , eventhough that was my easy pace a while back. Anyway, I dont have lactic acid accumlation and I feel just fine.

I must admit, though, that in the last km, I was huffing and puffing a lot and I wanted to push much harder in the last lap, but could not find another gear. both halves were 23:45,21:37, so last 4k were about 1 min slower than my pace in my last 5k pace, not bad at all. But to be  honest, I think, that I am not in 25 mins just yet, too much effort ( but controlled) in the last km today.

In regards to the ankle, it felt fine, but later in the run I could feel a bit, after the run I was feeling it, I ll try to run in the morning tomorrow, if not I ll take advantage of this trail in the evening, because its good to run there when you are injured.

One more thing is that I found that 9 min miles there is not the same that 9 min miles on the road, given that terrain in that track, I think you run slower, eventhough the pounding is much easier.

That is all I got for today, I should have just run slow, but I am stubborn, but hey, I did not do my 1 min repeats!!

Have a great Humpday!

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