sábado, 7 de noviembre de 2015

Spontanous tempo run

This morning I was up at 7:00 a.m. and was out with my father at 7:40 a.m. to the conservatory, We started pretty easy, but I was feeling very fresh and rested, maybe that ankle rest payed its dividends, the problem with those rests is that you can build up your fitness further, you just rest and get the benefits of the training done. Anyway, When We hit to the UTESA hill, within 600s of starting the run, my father likes to accelerate and runs the hill  hard, so as I was feeling so well, I followed him and passed him, but when We hit the top of the hill and our way to the conservatory, I was feeling very strong and decided to keep pushing the pace, my father was well behind.

I hit the conservatory in 7:02, was surprised with that split, I had seen a split like that since 2009, the only difference is that today I was pushing the pace although feeling good, but back then that was easy pace. I felt very happy and confident to keep going, decided to do 3 laps corner to corner, but I was not sure if I could hold that pace for 3 laps but kept going nonetheless.

Long story short, I did 2 laps corner to corner in 8:54, and the second one pushing a bit more came in 8:15 and I was surprised with that one, at that point my breathing was very high and I could feel my Lactate filling up my muscles, so I left it at that, I completed the 3rd lap of course but this time in 10:24, that felt like walking, maybe that faster pace got my legs loose.

Since I was going a lot faster than my father, I had to wait 8 mins running there( not laps this time), so that We could get out of the conservatory together, I stopped there for around 4 mins, after the 8 mins, since my official run would be over by 43 mins or so, so basically what I did not done when I twisted my ankle, I did it today, maybe that day was not the most convenient day to run hard ! who knows!

My father and I got out to the conservatory and ran around 8 more mins to home, I did almost 9k total in 50:56 total time, but this time around the most important part of the run was the 4k or so that I did pushing the pace, I would dare to say that todays pace was at least equal than my 5k race, but today I felt much in control and I faced 2 hills per lap today, the mirador is pancake flat, so no comparison at all!

These fast workouts are giving me confidence that is the most important thing in racing, next week I ll try to do 7 x 1 mins on, 1 min off.

The ankle problem is gone and I felt awesome today!

Likely, I ll run again this evening, because I told my friend Alexis to bring his running clothes to run a few miles, I dont run a double since 2009 maybe, We will see how that workouts out!!

See you in the PM!

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