lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2016

Tempo progressive run

Today I was going to rest, but given that I could leave work " early " I decided to run. The plan was to run somewhat hard depending on how I felt.

I got out at 7:10 p.m. or so to the conservatory, made sure to run very easy till there so that I could start hammering laps  and do a 5 laps (kms) tempo run, I got there in 8:20, not feeling bad, when I started to run fast, I felt huffing and puffing right away and felt my chest a bit heavy. 1st lap came  in 5:25,and was surprised because was very slow, I was hoping more in the 5:10 range, I continued at that effort and 2nd lap came in 5:23, I decided to just keep running till I felt I could no longer continue. I relaxed and 3rd lap came in 5:11, I was finding my pace without really trying harder, 4th lap came in 5:05, I was very tired by then, but I wanted to run the last lap in sub 5 mins, so in the 2nd haf of the last lap I threw my all, not much left, 5th lap came in 4:51, stopped for 30 secs, then did 1 lap to cool down and 90 secs, so 7.5k came in around 43:00.

I was surprised with how well I could close this tempo given that I felt like shit in the beginning, it seems that the training is paying off and is allowing me to run well even when tired. Of course I should have taken the day easy to recover completely, but I decided against it and put the hammer down by effort. I think I ran sub 26 mins in the 5k, but the effort is the most important thing. Big negative split here!

Weather was very hot, I was very sweat at the end!Have a great Monday!

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