jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2016

Yesterday`s Steady state run

Yesterday I could escape work early and managed my run. Then I could rest Thursday and Friday and run on the weekend and accomplish my goal of 5 days per week of running.

I started running yesterday at 6:53 p.m. and it was dark already, the plan was to run easy, but if I felt good I would push here or there, I would rest 2 more days after that so why not. Got there (conservatory of course) in 7:55.

The first lap was easy in 6:16, but I had a young guy (that I have encountered several times running there) breathing in my neck so to speak, then I passed a fellow runner Reynaldo to catch another runner, and Reynaldo came with me, and the other guy accelerated too, so We were running in a pack of 4 and I felt excited to run in that pack, it felt like a race and it felt like everybody was talking with our feet, sounds weird but its true! That is the beauty of running, each of us were competing in one way or another with each other, but of course I wanted to keep the effort as easy as possible, but today that pace ( should be very managable) felt like a chore, maybe I was tired or whatever, but maintain pace was a struggle,2nd lap came in 5:38, then halfway the 3rh lap Reynaldo took the lead, I was leading pretty much until that point, then I sat a bit behind Reynaldo and let those guys do the work, but I was not feeling confortable, then in the next lap, the young guy put in a surge and I matched the surge, but then the other guy followed us, but stopped not long after, I never saw Reynaldo again and then I was running with the other guy for a bit, before in the last lap speeding up again and leaving all of them behind, closed the final lap in 5:08, again, felt like shit! Finished the 7.5k in 42:49 or so.

Laps were 6:16,5:38,5:26,5:31,5:28,5:08. I definetely I was so focused in the " competition" that I forgot in which lap each of us changed positions, but the way I described it above, was pretty much the way it happened.

After the run I looked like if I was in the swimming pool, soaking wet! Also I felt somewhat uncoordinated in the legs trying to accomodate the stride running in the group, maybe I run a lot better alone and maybe that is the reason my best times are alone in practice!

Rested today and probably will rest tomorrow to come fresh on Saturday!

Have a great Thursday!

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