viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2018

Easy recovery run

Yesterday I ran with my brother and a friend (the same We ran on Sunday) at 7:20 p.m., The route was different so I dont know the exact distance I ran. Although I ran with them for the first km or so, after that I encouraged them to pull away, since They were gapping me a bit and I was very tired from Wednesday Intervals to try to keep up. I was just in recovery mode.

I just kept a very relaxed pace (6:40-6:30 per km) and completed the 50 mins. Felt good, but wore the windbreaker and I started to get pretty hot mid-run. Anyway, Good run and good recovery run. My brother and Jorge did 2k fast(brother in less than 10 mins, Jorge did around 11 mins).

Sometimes easy days are harder than hard days, its not easy to be disciplined to speed up or when all those people in the Turia park pass you and to avoid the urge to start "Racing" with them. I am trusting my training approach and I have been studing the sport for more than 15 years.

Today another easy run, propably faster due to I am more rested, but the effort Will be the same, easy!

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