jueves, 7 de mayo de 2015

Back to predawn running

Yesterday did not run. I thought yesterday about moving to predawn runs so that I can be productive in the evenings. Thats what I did today when I headed out later than planned today, I went out at 6:45 a.m. and was going to do whatever I felt like there in the park, I did 6 laps there and then headed back home. In the first 2 laps felt like s#%t due to stomach problems and even thought cutting the run short. Lucily, I felt better and better. Felt good at the end, but did not manage to run sub 6 mins in any lap. Splits for 6 laps were 6:21,6:21,6:07,6:08,6:03,6:04. Then headed back home to run 8.5k in 52:27. The pace was very slow, but I am happy that I got my run in early.

I want to become a predawn runner once again, and do all my runs on an empty stomach, full stomach has been one of my problems with running in the evening, in the morning legs are fresher and I felt very good when I am not having stomach problems( I do have problems sometimes in the morning due to heavy dinner).


See you in the predawn!

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