jueves, 21 de mayo de 2015

No runnng till Monday

Well I rested yesterday and took antiflamatory, hoping that the every other day of running could help me, but honestly it did not, I was really hurting yesterday and was limping pretty much everywhere I went, in the evening it felt better because I took two pills of antiflamatory just after eating lunch.

Today is more of the same thing, I am really hurting right now, its strange because when I experienced shin splints in the past it was due to running workouts(Intervals,tempos, reps) for more than 2 months, but now I am not doing anything fast, just running easy pretty much everyday, that was the reason that put me this fat and probably because of the heavy pounding I am applying too much weight on my right shin with each stride. I am improving my diet so that I can really lose weight and improve my running. I even read a book about that that I bought a couple of months ago.

I have decided to not run till Monday to see if that improves, it should, I ll keep taking my antiflamatory, I said that I was going to run through it, but honestly it was not hurting that bad, the past two days have been ridiculous. When I walk I limp, my father only ask , WTF! and encourage me to rest.  Its better to miss a few days of running instead of months limping and trying to get rid of pain even " running".

So see you on Monday, hope that improves dramatically then!!

Have a great Thursday!

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