sábado, 16 de mayo de 2015

Mil amores 5k race

I am dissapointed with my performance to be honest. I thought that I would be able to run 23:45-24:15 for the 5k. Did not happen, I ended up doing 25:10, my second worst time in my life. I dont know what went wrong, I am training consistently, I am not doing workouts, but I am getting my 50 mins daily so that has to be enough to run faster than that.

Another thing that caught my attention was my slow start. This was one of the worst 5k for me, but was the best in terms of splits, looking at my halves splits it was 12:27 and 12:42 for the second half. For me that is even pacing in a 5k, in my previous 5ks the difference was more than 35 seconds and in the past one was 1:02. Anyway, the most important time in a race is the final time, not the splits so it was a very bad race for me. A friend of mine is telling me that if would have worn a watch I could realize the slow start and speed up, but I deffense myself telling him, that its a body´s matter, I was not confortable running that slow, it felt confortable to maintain for the whole distance, but I was huffing and puffing pretty much the whole race, so looking at a watch to reinforce my slow pace would have killed my race mentally. I ran  without a watch (by effort) and that was the best effort that I could muster today. 25:10 for 34th pace, given the field I could have positioned much higher in the results, but it was what it was! I need to put this behing me and keep moving forward. I need to lose weight, I think that is the biggest problem in my poor running these days.

Another thing that I noted is that for a 5k you have to be sharpened, I was running my best effort, but I did not felt like slowing down, I could keep the pace, the problem was that I could not turn the legs much faster. I can run faster adding some workouts to improve my speed and threshold.

No more analysis! I wore my hillrunner singlet and it was confortable. I have to lose weight so that it fits me better. In photos I look very heavy and fat. We will see in a few days How do I looked during the race, my friends took some photos of me that I ll post soon there.

Thanks for the support everyone!!

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