lunes, 4 de mayo de 2015

Zapping the zero

I had to rest yesterday because on Saturday for lunch I ate street food as We would call it here, That did not set me pretty well, and I had to even cancel  going to the movies with frieds to watch " The avengers". I got a strong Diarreha , but luckily that did not last too much as at night I was feeling better and I could be the boxing fight( Packiao vs Maywether), I did not like though but I am not going into details here. I rested out of prevention on Sunday.

Today afternoon I zapped the zero with a 8.5k run in the conservatory, 7 laps there and I took splits every 2 laps to not obsess every lap about it. I started the run very slow, but warmed up nicely then as the splits suggest, splits were: 12:47,12:08,11:45 and in the last lap incorporated 5 x  20 seconds strides and the last lap was in 5:50 including the strides. Completed 51:50 total time. I felt much better during the strides than in the past days, felt stronger and smoother, it seems that I am improving my form and speed, just need several more of these workouts and my form and top speed will improve.

Weather was pretty torelable today compared to Saturday morning.

Have a great Monday!!

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