lunes, 25 de mayo de 2015

More days off

I had hoped that by today I would be just fine, to be honest I have not improved that much eventhough that I have rested and taken antiflamatory. I am limping somewhat walking, but its better than last week at least. Yesterday I went to the park and did 5laps (5k) walking at a brisk pace( at least for me), some older guys passed me no problem and in the last lap I put the hammer down and did  9:55, oh!! I am a competitive runner, I had to do that.

At least I moved and did not stay here, I am driving myself crazy here without running, yesterday the walking was a release. I tried to stretch the spot, but I cant, it just hurts when I put the foot in the floor and apply my body´s weight pressure.

I ll have to rest a few more days, honestly, dont remember in my almost 13 years of running where I had to rest for more than a week due to an injury. I hope that it improves, I just want to run. I even improved my dinner food so that coupled with the running I could lose some weight. But ha! the improved dinner will have to do for a while!

Thanks for the support!

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