martes, 5 de mayo de 2015

Overcoming demotivation

Today I did not feel like running, dont know the exact reason, but I am sure it was not related to running, I did not have motivation, but I forced myself to do it and I felt pretty good during the run. I just went out to do something and ended up doing my normal run.

Got to the conservatory in 7:43, then did 7 laps and did the same as yesterday, took splits every 2 laps so that I dont obsess about that too much. splits were much better than yesterday: 12:24,11:54,11:42, last lap was in 5:29, I pushed in the first half of this lap because a fast runner passed me , He looks in shape and has passed me several times in the past, as it was my last lap, I decided to push it , but only for the first half, because if I continued at that pace, I would have kept with him, but the effort would have been high. Anyway, completed the 50:40 for I think was 8.5k. I am getting used to that distance, I ll have to add a longer run on the weekend.

Have a great Tuesday!

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