jueves, 28 de mayo de 2015

Back to running

Well  I had to rest 9 days without running as you know due to a shin problem. Today I was much better, I am not 100 per cent by any means, but I wanted to give it a try today. I went out to the conservatory in 7:44 feeling really good the whole run, very rested. Did 4 laps in 6:04,6:08( in this lap stopped several seconds to tie my shoe),6:04,5:59, then completed 35:30. Was huffing and puffing sometimes but generally felt good. The leg is not completely recovered, I have to admit that it was bothering me but I could run through it without changing my form. Afterwards it was bothering me considerably when I was stand and put the weight on that leg, then walking home it did not bothered me.

I think right know that if it does not alter my form and improves as the run goes by, then I would be safe running, but I ll have to keep an eye on it.

Its funny, running is an important part of my life, but since I have started running I have not run on my birthday more than when I have run on my birthday. Tuesday was my birthday and I could not run due to this s#%%"5t. Running is an important activity in my life so I should do it every birthday to celebrate it.

Have a great Thursday everyone!

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