martes, 12 de mayo de 2015

Zapping the zero

Yesterday I took the day off basically to give my right ankle some rest. It has been bothering me in the previous days. I can run no problem but it hurts a bit like its a but swollen or something.

Today I went to the park at 6:10 p,m. it will be hard to become a predawn runner again, but as long as I have time in the evening I ll run whenever I can, anyway the most important thing is to get the run in no matter at what time of day. I put the watch on time of day and was feeling fresh and good, so the pace was quicker than usual. Did 6 laps in the conservatory and back home( did not finish there as in the last 2-3 months, I waste a lot of time doing that, its better to run and get back to business) I finish the 8.5k in 49:28, so the pace was good. That really erase the slow run on Sunday, none of it matter anyway! but you know, ego vs time= racing the watch. Thats why I set the watch on time of dya sometimes and just run what feels easy.

Today I received the Hillrunner Singlet and water bottle that I earned in the Boston marathon contest, I have been following that website and Ryan Hill( the owner) for almost a decade now and I really want to thank him for all that He has taught me and for the leader He is. I really encourage runners to visit his website. He is a cool guy and He will be happy to help. Thanks Ryan Hill!

I am racing on Saturday and I ll wear with pride Hillrunner Singlet!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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