sábado, 19 de marzo de 2016

Catching up again

Yeah i have been running hard and consistently, but i dislike to post from my phone, because i still have problems with my internet connection.  This will be short and sweet.

Sunday- 11k total including a 5k tempo run, started it very tired from my mileage from the previous days,  did a negative split finishing in 25:24 with splits 5:09,5:07,5:06,5:04,4:55, controlled effort.

Monday after work was easy 8.5k,with lap splits ranging from 6:37 to 6:07 the last one.

Tuesday was the same as yesterday, but 7.5k, with splits from6:18 down to 6:11.

Wednesday was my interval day,  wanted to do 1k fast,  then 10 x 1 min hard, 1 min easy. I did 4:33 for the lap in the conservatory. Then could muster 8x1 min hard,  was very spent after that, too tired. 47 mibs total time.

Thursday was easy to recover. 7.5k easy, splits from 6:18 to 6:10,had company for 4 laps. 47 mins total time.

Friday rest

Today early headed out at 7:20 am to the conservatory with my father and brother,  got there in 7:49 then did 9.5 laps there splits were 6:24,6:17,6:18,6:12,6:10, 6:04,6:03,5:55, 3 more mins,  then back home to finish what i guess was 11k in 68:04. The reason that my faster splits at the end was that my brother was pulling away,  but i was saving for my tempo run tomorrow.

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