martes, 1 de marzo de 2016

Opposite of yesterday

Today I started my run as usual 7:15 p.m. and headed out to the conservatory to run easy, hoping to feel more recovered, thus feel stronger and be faster at the same effort. The pace was not faster, but I felt much better and the effort was very easy.

Got to the conservatory in 8:02, then did 6 laps and 90 more secs to complete an extimated distance of 7.5k. Splits per lap were 6:28,6:18,6:15,6:13,6:16,6:15. So the pace was very even, but the legs felt fresh and very good. Total time was 47:40 or so.

The enviroment there was good but not great, because as it was a rainy day and rained prior to 6 p.m., People, especially women are afraid of rain, I dont know if its for the hair or something, but almost nobody there, but I had to get the job done nonetheless!!

I think I am ready for a workout tomorrow!

Have a great Tuesday!

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