miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2016

Night Vo2 max workout

After work today I came home walking as I do several days a week now, that is around 2.5-3k I would estimate.

Then relaxed for a bit, and then at 7:10 p.m. I went out to the conservatory to do my planned workout, I planned to do 3 x 1 lap (1k) there with 4 mins recovery which is a bit less than the total amount of my planned time for the repeats.

I got to the conservatory in 8:25, very easy and then did 1 more easy lap in 6:48, then the workout started, the first one was unconfortable, the breathing was fast and pace wise I did not get into a good groove, felt a lot harder than the time I ran, 1st one came in 4:43, a bit dissapointed with it, but thought that the remaining of the repeats would be circa that time, 4 mins passed by, I found those 4 mins long and wanted to take less recovery since I was starting to lose focus, but the purpose of the workout would swtich if I take a shorter recovery. 2nd started and I already felt fried from the couple of hills that I have to face each repeat, that easy you dont feel it, but when you are running fast, that destroy your legs, after the hills had passed I started to charge up taking advantage of the flat terrain, huffing and puffing hard finished in 4:34, that was about right, and I was happy with it although very tired. Another 4 mins passed before I started the last one and I was very spent in the last one, I basically jogged the hills and started running hard after the halfway, taking advantage again of the flat terrain, when I wanted to ease up I remained myself that this was a stress workout and I ran very easy the last couple of days, so no place for pussies here!! I battled it out hard , trying not to lose the form and the last repeat came in 4:33.

I was happy with the workout, but I feel that I ran way too hard to run those times, maybe those hills take a ton on me, no matter the time, I think that I put a great effort there, and in the end that is the most important thing.

Did 2 more easy laps(7:10,6:28) to cool down and call it a day at 51:xx mins what I think it was around 8.5k. Felt very good after the workout and those workouts only rise your confidence. But I do have a lot of work to do!!

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